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Why you can’t get a librarian job - part 2 (but the ALA told me…)

Remember all the claims of the massive number or retirees?  The chart on the bottom is the same data from before, but shown cumulatively.  The top is the ALA estimate of the number of retiring librarians.  For the 20 year span of 1995-2015 the ALA estimated there would be 43,000 librarians retiring.  I think we’ll be okay since in a time span of 10 years from 1999-2009 library schools produced 64,160 new MLIS student (yes a small percent are not ALA accredited).  Soon I expect a message from ALA telling us that it’s okay, we don’t need any more. 

data sources:

Digest of Education Statistics (2010)

Planning 2015

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